Emancipation of a Minor Emancipation

A child must move beyond the sphere of his or her parents' influence in order for child support to stop. This may not be simply when the child reaches the age of 18. An experienced attorney can help you through the process of obtaining a court order to declare emancipation of your child so you can end child support payments when your child no longer needs them.

At the law firm of Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC, we have the knowledge, resources and skill to help you with child support modifications, emancipations and termination of child support. Attorney Jennifer D. Armstrong can answer your questions, advise you on your options and provide you with skilled advocacy at every stage.

When Can a Child Be Emancipated?

Whether or not your child can be emancipated will depend on the specific facts in your case. Events that can trigger emancipation include a child:

  • Reaching the age of 18 and graduating from High School or obtaining his or her GED
  • Graduating from college or entering the workforce full time
  • Joining the military
  • Getting married
  • Having a child

If you feel that your child has reached a time in life where he or she no longer needs your financial support, we can help you. Ms. Armstrong is experienced at seeking emancipation for her clients.

She is dedicated and committed to helping clients find a resolution that meets their needs. If emancipation is not possible, she can help you seek a modification to child support if, for example, you lost your job and are unable to obtain similar income elsewhere.

In the alternative Ms. Armstrong can also assist those clients whose children are not eligible for emancipation but have a parent who is seeking their emancipation nevertheless, as well as those parents seeking contribution from the other for college costs.

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