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Handling Divorce, Estate Planning And Probate, And Other Legal Issues In New Jersey

The law firm of Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC, is dedicated and focused on protecting the rights of its clients. Helping residents throughout Ocean County, in Monmouth County and along the Jersey Shore, our firm will assist each client in examining all legal options and maximizing results whenever possible.

Serving the Needs of Our Neighbors

  • Family law: Family law includes everything from prenuptial agreements to divorce and post-judgment enforcement or modification of your divorce agreement. With any family dispute or legal issue, Toms River family law attorney Jennifer D. Armstrong can help you.
  • Divorce: A multitude of issues need to be resolved in a divorce. Property needs to be divided and spousal support determined. If you have children, child support, custody and visitation rights need to be outlined.
  • Prenuptial agreements: A comprehensive prenuptial agreement can protect your assets as you enter into a marriage. These can also be negotiated, if you are presented with one by your soon-to-be spouse.
  • Removal of children from the state: If a parent wishes to move out of state and take their child with them, the courts must approve the move and any existing custody arrangements and orders must be modified.
  • Emancipation: In order to stop child support payments when your child turns 18, graduates, gets married or enters the military, you will need to get a court order.
  • Estate planning and administration: We all must plan for the future, and a carefully crafted estate plan can help you protect your assets, minimize taxes and provide for your loved ones.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties

As an active member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, Ms. Armstrong has dedicated herself to counseling individuals in need of guidance and assurance during their legal matters. Ms. Armstrong is a member of the Ocean County Bar Association as well as the Toms River-Ocean County Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Armstrong fights diligently for her clients to see that their rights are protected. She also volunteers as an "Early Settlement Panelist" assisting the court in settling divorces.

In addition to maintaining regular office hours, weekend and evening hours are available by appointment. Please contact Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC, today to discuss your legal needs.

Our office is located in the Bey Lea Commons professional office condominium park on Bey Lea Road (a.k.a. 571), just minutes from the Ocean County Courthouse with easy access to and from the Garden State Parkway. On-site parking is available.

Statement Of Client Rights And Responsibilities

Client Rights

  1. To have their attorneys diligently advocate their interests within the bounds of the law and legal ethics.
  2. To have the fee arrangement fully and completely explained prior to entering into any agreement for services.
  3. To have a written retainer agreement describing the financial terms of the relationship between the client and the attorney.
  4. To refuse to enter into an unacceptable fee arrangement or modification of a fee arrangement.
  5. To know which attorney will be primarily be responsible for their matter and all other legal staff who will be working on the matter, as well as the fees for these individuals.
  6. To be provided bills on a regular basis, with itemized charges and time spent on each activity relating to their case.
  7. To be informed and present at any court proceeding involving their case unless otherwise directed by the court.
  8. To be provided copies of all documents presented to the court by any party in their matter unless otherwise ordered by the court.
  9. To reasonable access to their attorneys, in-person or by phone.
  10. To make the final decision as to whether, when and how to settle their case.

Client Responsibilities

  1. To provide full and accurate information to their attorneys regarding their matter.
  2. To make themselves available regarding their matter and to respond reasonably to requests from their attorneys.
  3. To promptly advise their attorneys of any change in their lives that might affect their case.
  4. To pay for legal services rendered on their behalf under the retainer agreement.
  5. To diligently review all bills submitted by their attorneys and to raise any objections about billing within a reasonable time.
  6. To refrain from improper behavior, such as to delay the proceeding or intentionally increase costs to the opposing party.
  7. To seek not to use their attorneys for any improper means.
  8. To recognize and be responsible for the costs associated with any action initiated or requested by the client.
  9. To provide sufficient time for their attorneys to explain to them the financial costs and other consequences of any potential action in their case and to reasonably consider the advice of their attorneys.