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Family Law

Experienced Jersey Shore Custody, Support And Post – Divorce Law Firm

Family law is as diversified as the modern family. As an experienced family law firm, Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC has the ability to provide skilled guidance in the following areas of family law:

Many of these issues arise in the course of a divorce proceeding. The same issues may also arise after the divorce, in a post-judgment modification proceeding, or in an enforcement proceeding, when an ex-partner is delinquent in paying child support or alimony.

It is said that no divorce is ever final. This is certainly true of the potential for legal conflict until the last child custody payment, or the last college tuition payment (if the judgment of divorce so provides), or the last alimony payment.

Who Can Benefit From Family Law?

Not all family law is contentious. Couples who wish to establish a non-traditional partnership may wish to set forth their obligations and rights in a cohabitation agreement. Couples contemplating marriage may choose to do the same in a prenuptial agreement. If a natural parent has died, a stepparent may want to demonstrate commitment with stepchildren by formally adopting them.

Whatever unique needs you and your family have, you will find a warm counselor – and a skilled attorney – at the law office of Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC.

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Suggestions For Clients

  1. Be discreet. Do not discuss your case with family members, close friends or children. This can negate the attorney-client privilege of protected information.
  2. Once attorneys are involved, limit contact with your spouse or opposing party and direct all communication from your spouse to your attorney.
  3. Keep your attorney notified of change of address, phone numbers, employment, income, or planned vacations that can make you unavailable for court.
  4. Save all documents relating to your case and keep the documents in a safe location.
  5. Track visitation/parenting time and support payments in a simple calendar for easy reference. Keep a log of anything that happens related to your case. Do not share this information with anyone.
  6. Obtain your free credit report from the three credit reporting agencies.
  7. Tell your attorney about any settlement offers as soon as possible.
  8. Keep records of anything that is in dispute, including: marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, employment records, tax returns, retirement account statements, bank account statements, insurance policies, real estate documents, mortgage statements, loan statements, credit card statements, dated photographs or video of personal property and home furnishings.
  9. Do not shut off household utilities or cancel insurance coverage until advised to do so by an attorney.
  10. Most family law matters settle before trial. Maintain an open mind and reasonable willingness to compromise. Doing so will help save time and money.